Training Locations

ASAR-K9 train in a range of locations around metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria which contain bushland and thick scrub, mountains, open plains and hiking trails. We also build our dog’s abilities to train in a range of distractions, including searching unsteady surfaces at recycling centres and building searches. We are always looking for new sites to continue building our dogs’ skills. If you are able to assist, please email us.


Smart Recycling has been offering our 35 acres premises, for Australian Search and Rescue K9 Inc (ASAR-K9) to train their volunteer canine search and rescue teams for over ten years.
Our site, which includes large concrete rubble mounds, piles of timber pallets and stockpiles of shredded mulch, provides an ideal training ground for your dogs.
In all our dealings with ASAR-K9, we have found that the organisation conducts their training in a safe and well managed environment.We have been provided with ASAR-K9’s safety procedures and copies of their Liability Insurance Policies.

We would highly recommend ASAR-K9 to other sites. Your organization provides an important service for the community and we support your effort and dedication to training these highly skilled dogs.

Ward Petherbridge
Managing Director Smart Recycling