Suitable Dogs

SAR (Search and Rescue) training is reward-based, and the dog must have something it cares about greatly in order to achieve success. Ideally the dog has a strong desire to chase and play with toys.

The dog should be medium to large sized, and have good mental and physical stamina and focus. Herding, working and gun-dog breeds and mixes of these breeds most commonly display these characteristics. For entry into the ASAR K9 training program, dogs commencing training should be between 10 months old and 3 years old. The dog must also be physically and temperamentally sound.

Puppies between 8 weeks and 10 months will also be considered where the prospective handler has significant, relevant prior experience in SAR or a related dog training discipline, has otherwise met all other membership pre-requisites, and has been deemed by the Committee as suitable.

We will conduct an assessment of your dog and provide an honest appraisal of the dog’s suitability for the role prior to you committing to training.